Wand of Animation
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Wand of Animation]]
Durability 64 (1/2 of Stone)
Renewable No
Stackable No

Description Edit

Wands of Animation are powerful, fairly fragile magical tools that allow the player to infuse Altars and activate Umbergolems, as well as infuse standard blocks to-as their name suggests-animate them.

The durability of a Wand of Animation is planned to be greatly expanded, and can, in the meantime, be repaired using an Altar of Repair.

Wands of Animation are crafted using a Soul Crystal, Stick and Diamond on a diagonal slant from top to bottom in a Crafting Table.

To infuse/defuse an Altar or block or activate/deactivate an Umbergolem, right-click whilst holding a Wand of Animation.

Animated Blocks Edit

Animated Block
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Animated Block]]
Health Points 10 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Attack Strength 2 (FullHeart)
Drops Source Block
An infused block is called an Animated Block. These little block-critter-thingies will follow you wherever you go, as long as you have a Wand of Animation somewhere in your inventory (it does not need to be in your hand, or even in your hotbar!).

They will attack any hostile mobs, or any neutral mob that turns hostile against you. Animated Blocks can aggro a hostile mob and therefore can be the focus of that mob's attacks.

An Animated Block felled in combat will drop its source block. A damaged block can be healed by defusing it (right-click on an Animated Block) and re-infusing it.

Most blocks with an internal inventory or GUI cannot be infused, but there are exceptions, as shown below. Blocks from other mods or from vanilla that are larger than 0.7m cubed can also be animated, as long as they don't have an accessible internal inventory or GUI.

Special Animated BlocksEdit

Certain blocks, when infused using a Wand of Animation, provide an extra purpose beyond being part of your own personal arthropodal entourage.

Petrified Wood Crafting Table (named Petra) Edit

Infusing a Petrified Wood Crafting Table will grant you an Animated Block as usual, but will also grant you a mobile Crafting Table! To use the crafting menu, simply right-click on Petra with an empty hand.

In order to infuse a Petrified Wood Crafting Table, you must shift-right-click.

Fun fact: A standard Crafting Table can also be infused, but it will not provide you with access to the crafting menu.

Chest (named Chester) Edit

Infusing a stock-standard Chest will grant you Chester, an Animated Block that doubles as a mobile storage unit! His name can be seen in the GUI when you open him up. To access his inventory, right-click on him with an empty hand.

Shift-right-click on a Chest with a Wand of Animation to get Chester.

Bamboo Crate (Chester's cousin, Bamber) Edit

Infusing a Bamboo Crate will provide you with Chester's Erebus cousin, Bamber! Bamber operates in the same fashion as Chester, being both an Animated Block and a mobile inventory accessed by right-clicking with an empty hand.

Shift-right-click on a Bamboo Crate with a Wand of Animation to get Bamber.

Jack-o-Lantern/Glowstone Edit

Unfortunately, these ones aren't named as of yet. Infusing a block of Glowstone or a Jack-o-Lantern will provide you with an Animated Block that acts as a mobile light source, similar to a Glowworm.


  • Dave (vadis365) originally came up with this feature, and made all models related to this.
  • Andre (ganymedes01) was the one that was instrumental to make them do lots of cool stuff.
  • Any blocks with a GUI/Inventory will have a special nametag fitting the block.