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The Ulterior Outback with a Rhino Beetle and Centipede in the background.

Description Edit

The Ulterior Outback is one of the most dangerous biomes in the entire Erebus, and possibly even surpasses Volcanic Deserts in terms of danger.

It is not advisable to set up camp in the Ulterior Outback, unless you plan to commit digital suicide or are some kind of hardcore adrenaline junkie. Seriously. Even Volcanic Deserts are a better option in terms of mobs alone.

Comprised of Red Sand, Dirt and patchy Grass, this biome is fairly inhospitable for plant life, although Fireblooms can be found here. Hollow Acacia Logs can rarely be spotted.

Three species of tree survive in this harsh biome; Eucalyptus Trees, Acacia Trees and the exclusive (and rare!) Balsam Trees.

Many mobs spawn in the Ulterior Outback, including two of the top three most dangerous non-boss mobs (those three being Wasps, Scorpions and the dreaded Solifuges). Among the mobs here are: