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A Submerged Swamp.

Description Edit

Submerged Swamps are a very dark and moist-feeling biome added in Erebus v.2pre12. They are typically quite dark, lacking the light from Glowworms, lava or Giant Flowers that some other biomes receive.

The entire biome is quite waterlogged, with massive rivers lined with Mud, Quicksand, Sand and Dirt everpresent. Vines cascade down from walls and the ceiling, and lakes with beds of Mud can be found dotted everywhere there's an available patch of land. Much of the land is populated with magnificent Marshwood Trees, which provide a very nice looking type of wood once turned into planks.

You can find Dragonfly Lilypads in the large water bodies of Submerged Swamps.

Submerged Swamps are very fertile areas, hosting a wide variety of plants:

In addition to the abundance of flora, there is plenty of fauna in Submerged Swamps, some of which is exclusive:

Submerged Swamps, like Fungal Forests, do not spawn Botflies. Dragonflies kinda make up for the annoyance factor, though.