Special Gear
Durability Goggles: 3/4 of Iron

All Else: Same as Diamond

Renewable Yes, Goggles: No
Stackable No
First Appearance Alpha 0.1.1
Reinforced Compound Goggles
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Reinforced Compound Goggles]]
Durability Same as Diamond
Renewable No
Stackable No
Water Striders
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Water Striders]]
Durability Same as Diamond
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Mush Helm
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Mush Helm]]
Durability 40 (~3/4 of Leather)
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Tarantula Boss Trophy
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Tarantula Boss Trophy]]
Durability Same as Diamond
Renewable No
Stackable No

Description Edit

The Erebus has quite some special armour pieces, each providing its own unique function or aesthetic. They are mostly focused on making traversing through the Erebus a bit easier, since it can be a bit of a hard time travelling around. Most special items have the same armour protectiveness and durability as their Diamond equivalents. 

Compound GogglesEdit

The Compound Goggles are perfect for the dark Erebus. Wear them and you can see as clear as possible, since it gives you an inexhaustible Night Vision buff while wearing it. 

To make these goggles, place 4 Exoskeleton Plate in a small T-shape in a Crafting Table, like you're making an Iron Golem or Wither. Then, under the two arches, place a Compound Goggle Lens

Reinforced Compound Goggles Edit

These goggles are heavily armoured thanks to their structural boon gained from being attached to a Reinforced Exoskeleton Helmet. Craft the helmet as you would normally, but put some Compound Goggles in the centre to obtain this amazing helmet.

Glider ChestplateEdit

This Chestplate is very useful in the Erebus, as you can use it to glide around. The amount of height differences in the Erebus will make this a great way of travelling. The default key to glide is Alt, which will extend its wings and allow you to fall slowly.

The Glider Chestplate is crafted with two Glider Wings either side of a piece of Reinforced Exoskeleton Chestplate.

Powered Glider Chestplate Edit

This version of the Glider Chestplate is capable of powered flight! This one requires you to have crafted the original Glider Chestplate, plus some augments put on afterwards. It'll take two Enhanced Glider Wings, two Elastic Fibre, a Velocity Block and the original Glider Chestplate to make it! It's powered by Redgem Blocks, so don't forget to grab some.

Sprint LeggingsEdit

The Tier 1 leggings allow a bit of speed when worn. Currently, they're crafted with 8 Bio-Velocity (dropped by Solifuges and Centipedes) around a piece of Reinforced Exoskeleton Leggings, as seen below, alongside the Jump Boots. All additional tiers up tp Tier 9 are crafted with a single Supernatural Velocity with a pair of Sprint Leggings. Tier 9 leggings grant insane amounts of permanent speed.

Jump BootsEdit

These boots simply make you jump much higher, up to 3 blocks. Also, you take no fall damage when wearing them.

To craft them, you need Elastic Fibre, which is dropped by Locusts and Punchrooms. The Elastic Fibre is placed in boots formation next to Reinforced Exoskeleton Boots and with Fly Wings at the top.


The recipe for Jump Boots and Sprint Leggings side by side.

Water Striders Edit

Ever wanted to know how Jesus felt? Well, now you can! Water Striders are boots of Diamond quality that allow you to walk on water. Do note that it is impossible to sink into water whilst wearing Water Striders.

They are crafted by surrounding a pair of Reinforced Exoskeleton Boots with Water Repellent.

Mush Helm Edit

A helmet made from Mushroom Hide, dropped by the Crushroom bosses in Fungal Forests. It provides a surprising amount of protection-a full 3 points, or 1.5 icons, same as a Diamond helmet, but with shocking durability; around 3/4 of the durability of a Leather Cap.

They make your head appear to be a Crushroom's head. Mush Helms are made by making a helmet out of Mushroom Hide with a Pumpkin in the middle.

For those who read this far; the Mush Helm feeds you at the cost of its durability. One hunger point (half a hunger icon) per durability, filling a total of 40 hunger points (20 hunger icons, or two entire hunger bars!). It can also be repaired in an Anvil using a Mushroom Block of any variety.

Tarantula Boss Trophy Edit

Don't be fooled by its somewhat innocent appearance; this T-shirt-looking item is actually Diamond-tier armour in disguise! Bright red with a big black spider on the front, it's not going to match with much other than Rhino Plate Armour, but it's certainly tough (and actually does look kinda nice with Rhino Plate Armour).

Obtain this somewhat Spiderman-reminiscent armour by defeating a Tarantula Brood Mother in a Giant Baobab Tree in a Subterranean Savannah.