Health Points 30(FullHeart x 15)
Attack Strength 3 (FullHeartHalfHeart) + Poison Damage, if stung
Drops 0-6 Poison Gland
Rare Drops 1 Scorpion Pincer
First Appearance 0.1

Description Edit

Scorpions are relentless, powerful mobs that spawn in Volcanic Deserts, Subterranean Savannahs and the Ulterior Outback. Often spawning in groups, these arachnid predators will grasp you with their pincers, dealing one and a half hearts of damage twice per second until you die or they release you.

Unfortunately, in a group, they tend to grab you from each others' claws like a gruesome form of relay race with no finish line. You can attack a Scorpion that has you in its grip.

Occasionally, they will sting you, inflicting Poison for 6 seconds. Killing them drops a random number of Poison Glands, from as few as none to as many as 6.

Scorpions, like many inhabitants of Volcanic Deserts and the Ulterior Outback, are immune to fire and lava.