Health Points 25 (FullHeart x 12 + HalfHeart)
Drops 0-2 Grasshopper Leg
First Appearance 0.1
Health Points 100 (FullHeart x 50)
Attack Strength 4 (FullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 0-3 Elastic Fibre
First Appearance 0.1

Description Edit

The Grasshopper is a magnificent mob found in Elysian Fields and Subterranean Savannahs. They (should) spawn in small groups.

Grasshoppers search for food (in the form of crops and tall grass) to devour, which they do by breaking the block. During this period of eating, they breed, spawning new Grasshoppers. After a Grasshopper has bred a certain number of times, they will turn into a Locust miniboss.

Grasshoppers are supposedly quite rare, although on several accounts they have proven plentiful.

Trivia Edit

  • During 0.1 development, when the breeding wasn't capped, there were some... "accidents..." whilst bugtesting on chylex's server. Nothing a bunch of lava couldn't solve, luckily.
  • They don't hop that high, they're lazy.
  • Gangbang animations are planned.

Locust Edit

Locusts are the big daddy of Grasshoppers. Mean, green and certainly obscene, they prove to be a challenge for even experienced Erebus adventurers or those coming in from other mods' "lategame", with high-tier equipment.

They are capable of chasing down fleeing players, depending on the terrain. Whilst they only deal two hearts of damage, they tend to attack twice per second, giving them an astounding DPS of four hearts. You have been warned.

Trivia Edit

  • The model was made by Dave (Vadis365).
  • According to local legend, the appearance of Locusts is the #1 cause of wet leggings in the entire Erebus.