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One of the Lower Floors of the Baobab Tree, with the Tarantula Spawners.

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The Baobab Tree (Outside View)

Description Edit

Giant Baobab Trees are special tree dungeons that spawn rarely in Subterranean Savannahs.

They are home to six Tarantula spawners as well as a Tarantula Brood Mother.

Dungeon InfoEdit

This tree is a very dangerous place to visit. It is split into three floors.

Bottom Floor; aka The Killing Floor Edit

This floor is possibly the most dangerous of the three, even moreso than the Brood Mother's arena. It houses 4 Tarantula spawners covered in Web, with a central pylon made of Baobab Wood.

The pylon is covered in Vines for the player to climb, with Webs barring the top (requiring a player to stop, hang on to the Vines and slice away the webbing).

Each of the spawners has a Chest beneath it, filled with random Erebus dungeon-tier loot.

Second Floor Edit

This floor is the least dangerous. It houses two Tarantula spawners coated in Web. Instead of a central pylon, there is a Vine ladder on each of the four walls. Climbing one of these ladders takes you to the Brood Mother arena. The spawners on this floor also have Chests beneath them.

The Arena Edit

This floor houses the Tarantula Brood Mother. The floor is covered in a mixture of Silk and Web in a stereotypical weblike pattern. Situated right in the centre is the Brood Mother of the tree herself.

There are no Chests on this floor.

Secret Floor; aka Canopy Edit

No, there is no basement; this is what you can call the canopy of the Giant Baobab Tree. It counts as a floor all of its own as there is plenty of room to move, and can be used as a firing platform for knocking the Brood Mother down to half health. Furthermore, each of the eight bulbous leaf pockets is open at the top, and has a space inside. These spaces currently don't have anything in them, but they may harbour Chests in the future, or possible a rare block or item (Baobab fruit?).