ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000
ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000-0
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Tool Pickaxe
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Drops Itself

Description Edit

An ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000 is a block that allows players to create various smoothies using base fluids and four ingredients. There are four different types of base fluids: Honey, Beetle Juice, Anti-Venom, and Milk. To fill the machine with a base fluid, right click on the machine with a bucket of the desired fluid (Bambuckets will not work). To use the machine, there must be the correct ingredient in each of the top four slots, and a single Empty Smoothie Glass in the bottom slot.

Crafting Edit

The ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000 is crafted using 3 Umberstone, 5 Empty Smoothie Glass, and a Redgem block.

ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000 Recipe

The crafting recipe for the ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000

Recipes Edit

There are a total of 10 different types of smoothies, each causing various effects.

Green Tea Grasshopper Edit

Ingredients: Grasshopper Leg (x2), Elastic Fibre, Fly Wing

Base Fluid: Beetle Juice

Effect: Jump boost III for 50 seconds

Money Honey Edit

Ingredients: Honey Drip (x2), Nectar, Gold Nugget

Base Fluid: Honey

Effect: Regeneration III for 10 seconds

Nothing In The Middle Edit

Ingredients: Camouflage Powder (x2), Dark Fruit, Swampberries

Base Fluid: Beetle Juice

Effect: Invisibility for 25 seconds

Green Giant Edit

Ingredients: Poison Gland (x2), Repellent, Wasp Sting

Base Fluid: Anti-Venom

Effect: Clears all other effects, positive and negative

Seedy Goodness Edit

Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Melon Seeds, Dark Fruit Seeds, Bio-Velocity

Base Fluid: Beetle Juice

Effect: Haste II for 25 seconds

Givin' Me The Blues Edit

Ingredients: Weeping Blue Bell Petal (x2), Lapis Lazuli (x2)

Base Fluid: Milk

Effect: Slowness III for 25 seconds and puts out the player if on fire

Hot Hot Baby Edit

Ingredients: Firebloom (x2), Wasp Sting, Bog Maw Root

Base Fluid: Anti-Venom

Effect: Strength II for 50 seconds and sets the player on fire

Don't Meddle With The Nettle Edit

Ingredients: Nettle Leaf, Nettle Flower, Jadeberries, Exoskeleton Plate

Base Fluid: Honey

Effect: Resistance II for 50 seconds

Liquid Gold Edit

Ingredients: Life Blood (x2), Bamboo Shoot, Glistering Melon

Base Fluid: Milk

Effect: Saturation II for 50 seconds

Bryuf's Brew Edit

Ingredients: Terpsishroom, Turnip, Compound Eyes, Heartberries

Base Fluid: Honey, Beetle Juice, Anti-Venom, Milk

Effect: Speed III, Strength III, and Jump Boost III for 50 seconds, heals 1 heart, fills 1 hunger icon

Anti-Venom Edit

Anti-Venom can be made with the ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000 by combining Beetle Juice in the leftmost liquid slot with two Nettle Leaves and a Poison Gland into a Bucket, Bambucket or two Bottles.

Anti-Venom provides you with temporary protection from Poison (but not Wither) in the form of Anti-Venom points (Anti-Venom jar icons). These fill up your Anti-Venom bar, seen once you drink some above your health bar.

This Anti-Venom bar shows how long you have left until you can be poisoned again. The initial drinking of Anti-Venom automatically cures the player of any Poison effect.

Bucket and Bambucket Edit

These are by far the best way to get a LOT of Anti-Venom into your system quickly. Drinking one of these maxes out your Anti-Venom bar. Do note that Anti-Venom Bambuckets stack up to 16, making them by far the most efficient way to carry around Anti-Venom.

Bottles Edit

Anti-Venom bottles only satisfy 6 Anti-Venom points (3 Anti-Venom jar icons), and yet cannot be stacked. They are not very efficient in terms of Anti-Venom, but can be used in a pinch if they're all you have.

Melonade Edit

ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000s can also produce Melonade, by combining a piece of Melon and some Water into an Empty Smoothie Glass. This refreshment restores 3 hunger points (1.5 hunger icons).

There is a variant of Melonade called Sparkly Melonade, made with Glistering Melon. This variant restores 5 hunger points (2.5 hunger icons) as well as provides Regeneration for 10 seconds.