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An Elysian Field, with a Worker Bee and Beetle walking around.

Description Edit

Elysian Fields are grassy, green areas, full of slight hills and relative safety. They were added in Erebus v.2.0.

Within these biomes, Cypress Trees grow exclusively, as do Giant Flowers. Nettles, Tall Blooms, Weeping Blue Bells, Moss, Hanging Vines and Ferns can also be found in this biome.

Many mobs are found in Elysian Fields, namely:

Regardless of the number of mobs that spawn here, they are by far the safest type of biome.

Elysian Forest Edit

This extremely rare variant of Elysian Field hosts the usual mobs and Cypress Trees, but is densely populated with Birch Trees as well. This makes the Elysian Forest the only place to find Birch Wood in the Erebus.

Giant Flowers Edit

Giant Flowers are, as the name suggests, giant flowers that spawn in Elysian Fields and Elysian Forests. They are made up of Petal Blocks-which can come in any colour that Wool can-and vibrant green Stem Blocks. These blocks serve no purpose at this time other than decoration and being part of Dragonfly Lilypads.

Flower Bulbs Edit

The stigma of a Giant Flower (the yellow part sporting pollen that sits in the middle of the flower) can, when broken, provide you with one or more Flower Bulbs of the same colour as the flower. The stigma also shed light. A rare multicoloured flower can drop Rainbow Flower Bulbs, making singular or multicoloured Giant Flowers when grown.

These Flower Bulbs can be planted on any form of Dirt (excluding Coarse Dirt, for those with Et Futurum installed) and will act as a Sapling for a Giant Flower, unless properly constrained to remain small or planted in a Flower Pot. They can be grown in the Overworld without blocking out the sky above them, unlike most Erebus plants. Flower Bulbs have no other use at this time.