The Erebus Wiki
Health Points 200 (FullHeart.png x 100)
Attack Strength Easy: 4 (FullHeart.pngFullHeart.png)

Normal: 6 (FullHeart.pngFullHeart.pngFullHeart.png)
Hard: 9 (FullHeart.pngFullHeart.pngFullHeart.pngFullHeart.pngHalfHeart.png)

Drops 0-2 Mushroom Hide


The Crushroom is a dangerous hostile boss mob that spawns in Fungal Forests. This mob may have been the replacement for the long lost Bombardier Beetle, or its just a pure coincidence of how violent the two mobs were.

It is categorized as a Mushroom Mob for one simple reason; to expand from the premise of an "Insect Theme" into something a bit more in-depth.


The Crushroom is a force to be reckoned with. Don't mess with these guys if you see them early in your journey through the Erebus. You will want to craft some high-tier armour first.

When a Crushroom spots you, it will charge at you and pull both of its large hands back before slamming the ground in front of it, causing damage and knockback to all players within its damage radius. It has 100 hearts and is one mob you do not want to mess around with.

They also have the ability to fire spore balls at the player, creating a very distracting particle effect and disarming the player of their held item. This can become quite irritating when fighting a Crushroom as it often pulls the disarmed items under itself.


When killed, the Crushroom will drop Mushroom Hide. This can be used to make the Mush Helm.