Beetle Larva
Health Points 8 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 1 Beetle Larva
First Appearance 0.1

Description Edit

Beetle Larvae are passive mobs that spawn in the green places of The Erebus and are one of the primary sources of food for early adventurers.

Behaviour Edit

Beetle Larvae are constantly on the lookout for wooden blocks to eat. If they find one, they will start eating it. For each block they eat, they grow a little bit. After eating 8 blocks, they will turn into a Beetle. It can also be fed Sticks to cause the same to happen. 

Jumping on a Beetle Larva squishes it, which makes it drop a Slimeball and gives you the Nausea effect. There is also a rare chance of acquiring a diamond. 

Food Edit

Beetle Larvae cooked in a furnace or killed with fire will give you Cooked Beetle Larvae.

Raw Beetle Larvae replenish 1 hunger point (half a hunger icon) and inflict the Nausea effect for 16 seconds.

Cooked Beetle Larvae replenish 3 hunger points (1.5 hunger icons). They are a low-tier food.

Variants Edit

The standard Beetle Larvae will grow into a standard small Beetle. There is also a variant for each large beetle species:

  • Titan Beetle Larvae have two antennae on their heads.
  • Stag Beetle Larvae have mandibles.
  • Rhino Beetle Larvae have horns.
  • Bombardier Beetle Larvae can only be found in the wild, are a blue colour with a slight orange tinge and are hostile. They inflict half a heart of damage, then proceed to explode between 1 and 3 seconds later. The explosion damage is with distance from the larva; further distance will reduce damage. At a distance of ~5 blocks, the damage is 5 hearts. They can safely be jumped on before they strike.

Possible Names Edit

-Dylan4ever (Beetle Larva named Dylan4ever, the original creator of the Erebus)

-Trampoline (Resist the urge, you monster!)


  • The Beetle Larvae used to be called a Maggot, and was one of the very first mobs added to the Erebus.
  • It did not have any awesome behaviour and was pretty dull pre-0.1.
  • The squashing idea was CalebManley's.
  • The current model is made by TripleHeadedSheep, the old one was made by Exacat.
  • As of 0.1.2, Beetle Larva can be obtained as the offspring of 2 Beetles.
  • There are config options to make it also eat wooden tile entities (chests), and Apocalypse which makes it eat anything.