Health Points 18 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 0-3 Exoskeleton
First Appearance 0.0.2
Titan Beetle
[[File:|Titan Beetle]]
Health Points 60 (FullHeart x 30)
Attack Strength 4 (FullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 1-2 Exoskeleton Plate

1 Titan Chop

First Appearance 0.2pre1
Stag Beetle
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Stag Beetle]]
Health Points 60 (FullHeart x 30)
Attack Strength 4 (FullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 1-2 Exoskeleton Plate
Rare Drops 1 Heart of the Stag
Rhinoceros Beetle
[[File:|Rhinoceros Beetle]]
Health Points 60 (FullHeart x 30)
Attack Strength 6 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeart) + 1 (HalfHeart) Fall Damage
Drops 1-2 Rhino Beetle Plate
Rare Drops 1 Rhino Beetle Horn
First Appearance 0.2pre1

Description Edit

Bombardier Beetle
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Bombardier Beetle]]
Health Points 60 (FullHeart x 30)
Attack Strength 17 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart) + Potentially Lethal Fall Damage
Drops 0-1 Gunpowder

0-1 Blaze Powder
1-2 Exoskeleton Plate

First Appearance 0.1
There are various types of Beetles present in the Erebus, from the (comparatively) small and placid Beetle to the large and aggressive beetles found around the Erebus.


This peaceful creature does not attack the player or cause any other harm. It comes in five different colours: Red, Brown, Blue, Green and Tan, and also has a rare Ladybug variety, which does nothing but look good.

It can be found in Underground Jungles, Subterranean Savannahs and Elysian Fields.

It can be bred using Turnips (this applies to the other Beetles in this article as well), which produces regular Beetle Larva. They can be healed with Bamboo Shoots.


  • They can spawn with the names of one of the Beatles.
  • It was one of the first mobs to appear in the Erebus, all the way back in the 0.0.x branch.
  • The model was made by james26aus, and edited by Dave (Vadis365) to give it better legs.
  • As of 0.1.2, these little guys now have sounds, and can be bred.
  • There is a secret form of small Beetle that attacks on sight... They only inflict half a heart, but spawn in threes... Try placing a Bed in the Erebus, and you'll find that bed bugs are a lot worse than you thought...

Titan Beetle Edit

This beetle can only be found in Elysian Fields. It is powerful and quick, but lacks the knockback ability of the Rhinoceros Beetle, making it far easier to tame or defeat. 

The Titan Beetle can be tamed using the Beetle Amulet, which isn't quite as difficult as it sounds. It gains 20 health after being tamed by right-clicking on it with the Beetle Amulet. It must be saddled using the Beetle Riding Kit before you can ride it.

It is significantly slower than the Rhinoceros Beetle, but you can equip it with a Chest or an Ender Chest (right-click it while holding the chest in your hand). You can access this storage space by shift-right clicking it, while not riding it.

They must be tame to breed, and any larvae produced will spawn with two antennae on their head. All large beetle species' larvae grow at the same rate as small beetles.

You can heal it by feeding it Bamboo Shoots.

Stag Beetle Edit

Found exclusively in Fungal Forests, this blue-carapaced cousin to the Titan Beetle has identical stats.

Beyond looking prettier, the Stag Beetle cannot carry a Chest like its cousin, and cannot ram enemies like the Rhinoceros Beetle. Once tamed, any larvae produced will have small mandibles on the front of their head.

It can be healed, like any beetle, using Bamboo Shoots.

The Stag Beetles hide a mysterious secret... A power unlike any other beetle... If you wish to master it, search for where the key binds...

The Stag Beetle can also destroy any block in the game

Rhinoceros BeetleEdit

This beetle can only be found in the Ulterior Outback. It is hostile towards the player, and its great amount of health and great knockback make it a tough enemy. It also inflicts a short Slowness debuff (around 6 seconds) when hitting you.

Following the same taming process as described with the Titan Beetle, including the saddling, it becomes a mount. It can run at decent speeds and has the ability to climb walls, like a Spider, Scytode or Black Widow (which are technically spiders).

While riding, the player can press the R key (by default) to charge up the Ram Bar, which can be seen above your Experience Bar as tiny green lines. When you come into contact with another creature while pressing it, that creature will be hurt and knocked back. Such an attack also inflicts Slowness. The longer you charge it, the more powerful this attack is. This can be done in rapid succession.

Rhinoceros Beetles can also be bred, but must be tamed to do so. The larvae they produce will have tiny horns on their faces, which makes the difference between them and regular ones quite obvious. It will stay tamed once matured.

You can heal it by feeding it Bamboo Shoots.

Bombardier Beetles Edit

*DUN DUN DUNNNNN* These beetles are likely one of the most dangerous-if not THE most dangerous-mob outside of Boss Mobs in the entire Erebus. They may even be more dangerous than Boss Mobs.

Found solely in Underground Jungles, these brutes are a bright blue with orange underbelly, legs and heads. Surely such a pretty creature couldn't be that bad, right? Right?

Wrong. Bombardier Beetles do just as their name suggests; bombard. They have an explosive melee attack that-as shown in their Mob Box higher up the page-deals 17 damage (eight and a half hearts!) to unarmoured players and mobs, and is capable of breaking blocks with low blast resistance.

Unfortunately, if you're insane enough to try taming these monstrosities, you'll fail every time; they are not currently tameable. If you see one, run. (or fight it with another mod's best weapons, if you've got them ,but, better run)

As for healing one, why would you want to?!

Beetle Juice Edit

Beetle Juice-proclaimed by the developers as "a nasty-tasting Milk alternative"-can be acquired by right-clicking a small Beetle with a Bucket or Bambucket. It can be used like Milk (to remove all status effects) and is required for certain smoothies made using the ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000. Drinking Beetle Juice will also kill any Botfly Larvae attached to you.

Beetle Riding Kit Edit

A Beetle Riding Kit is produced by using String, Exoskeleton Plate, Carpet and Lapis Lazuli. Use NEI for the recipe.

To equip it to a tamed beetle, simply right-click on the beetle whilst holding the Beetle Riding Kit. Then, riding the beetle is the same as riding a tamed Horse.