Renewable Yes, as of 0.1.1
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance Alpha 0.1

Description Edit

Bamboo Planks
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Bamboo Planks]]
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Tool Axe
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Drops Itself
Bamboo is a nice, quite common material gotten from Bamboo found in Underground Jungles, and is dropped alongside Bamboo Shoots.


Bamboo can be crafted into a variety of things, all of which are listed below.

Bamboo Planks Edit

Made by crafting Bamboo in a 2x2 square. Used to make Bamboo Stairs, Crates, Extenders, Fences, Gates and Slabs.

Bamboo Crates Edit

Crates are made by crafting with Bamboo Planks and straight Bamboo, as shown below. When combined in a 2x2x2 cube, the eight Bamboo Crates fuse into a giant crate with connected textures. This giant crate has the same amount of inventory space as the eight combined crates, and is purely an aesthetic feature.

They're also the Erebus Wiki's logo!

Bamboo Crate Crafting

Bamboo Ladders Edit

Bamboo Ladders are made from Bamboo and String, with three Bamboo along the top and bottom and a single String on each side producing one ladder. They are fully climbable and are used in the crafting of Bamboo Bridges.

Bamboo Bridges Edit

Bridges are crafted with three String along the top, three Bamboo Ladders along the bottom and a piece of normal Bamboo on either side. They can be placed manually or automatically using a Bamboo Extender. These bridges are equipped with sideropes, so you won't fall off accidentally (but beware of stealthy Dragonflies!).

Bamboo Extender Edit

These tricky little pieces of machinery utilise a Dispenser and redstone alongside Bamboo, String and Bamboo Planks in their crafting in a rather complicated recipe (use NEI). Once placed and provided with both Bamboo Bridges to extend and a redstone (not Redgem!) signal, it will extend at a rate of around 8 bridges per second until it hits a wall or runs out of bridges. Once the extension is complete, they can be broken and retrieved for later use.

Bamboo Torch Edit

Torches made of Bamboo sit 2 blocks high, and as such require 2 Bamboo topped with Coal or Charcoal for their recipe. The recipe still makes 4 per batch. Good for Tiki-style buildings.

Bamboo Nerdpoles Edit

Handy right when you need 'em, Bamboo Nerdpoles are self-supporting (if a bit narrow) ladders made of Bamboo. They occupy the space of a whole block, and can be used to look like supports for a Bamboo Planks structure, or purely as a freestanding ladder.

Bamboo Shoots Edit

Collected occasionally by breaking Bamboo stalks, these currently seem to serve no purpose other than to make Bamboo Soup and Liquid Gold smoothies using an ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000.

Shoots can also be used to heal tamed Beetles of any variety.

Bamboo Soup Edit

Crafted using a piece of Bamboo, a Bamboo Shoot and a wooden bowl in any shape. Satisfies 4 hunger points (2 hunger icons) and leaves the bowl.

Bambuckets Edit

Bambuckets are simply buckets made of Bamboo. They are not capable of holding Lava. Their crafting recipe is shown below.

Bambucket Crafting