Description Edit

Throughout the Erebus, you will find many, many insects. Now, with that many insects around, you'd think that you could tame some, right? Lucky for you, there's three such items capable of taming various mobs found in the Erebus!

Beetle Amulets Edit

Beetle Amulet
Durability Single Use
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Beetle Amulets are the first of the three Artifacts of Taming. They are crafted using Gold Nuggets, Jade and Altar Fragments, as seen below. These amulets, unlike the other two Artifacts of Taming, are single-use-only, and as such can tame one large Beetle.

A tamed large Beetle can be saddled with a Beetle Riding Kit and ridden around. Each species has its own benefits; see Beetle for more information.

In order to tame a Beetle, just right-click on it with a Beetle Amulet. It only takes one to tame them; Beetle Amulets are infallible. Small Beetles from anywhere and Beetle Larvae bred by you are automatically tame.

Almost all species of large Beetle can be tamed, including:

No, you cannot tame and ride Bombardier Beetles, you suicidal maniac.
Beetle Amulet

The recipe for a Beetle Amulet.

Bee Pendants Edit

Bee Pendant
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Bee Pendant]]
Durability 16
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Bee Pendants are an Artifact of Taming designed specifically to tame Bees-however, they work differently to Beetle Amulets.

Bee Pendants are made similarly to Beetle Amulets, with the Altar Fragment replaced by a drop of Nectar. There are a few key differences, however;

  • Bee Pendants do not stack
  • They have durability and can be used multiple times
  • You need to go through a process to use them
  • They require a Honey Comb

In order to tame a Bee, you must first have a Honey Comb. Right-click on the Honey Comb of your choice with the Bee Pendant, then right-click on the Bee you wish to assign to that Honey Comb. This will tame the Bee and make it into a worker Bee for you.

Bee Pendants lose durability by clicking on the Honey Comb, not by taming a Bee; this means you could tame limitless Bees on the same Honey Comb but never break a Bee Pendant.

There is currently a bug (pun not intended) where Bee Pendants will lose durability by right-clicking on any block. Be careful where you point when using a pendant.

Ant Medallions Edit

Ant Medallion
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Ant Medallion]]
Durability 16
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Ant Medallions are the most recent addition to the triage of Artifacts of Taming. They function in a near-identical way to Bee Pendants, with the exceptions that they obviously work on Ants rather than Bees and require a fully constructed Silo rather than a Honey Comb.

To tame a Black Ant with an Ant Medallion, right-click on the Silo you wish to assign it to, then right-click the ant. This will tame the ant and assign it to that Silo.

Durability for Ant Medallions works the same as Bee Pendants; clicking on a Silo will cost one durability, but taming an ant will not. They also suffer from the same bug as mentioned in Bee Pendants above.

Ant Medallions are also able to tame an infinite number of Honeypot Ants, as taming of one does not require using a medallion on anything initially. Simply right-click on a Honeypot Ant to tame it. Tame Honeypot Ants can be fed Sugar to produce Nectar.