Black Ant
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Black Ant]]
Health Points 15 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart)
Drops Wild: Nothing, Tame: Entire Inventory
Rare Drops 1 Ant Pheromones
Honeypot Ant
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Honeypot Ant]]
Health Points 15 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart)
Drops Wild: 1 Nectar

Tame: 1 Nectar per Sugar fed, up to max of 8

Fire Ant
Health Points 15 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart)
Attack Strength Melee: 2 (FullHeart)

Ranged: 5 (FullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart) + Fire Damage

Drops 0-2 Magma Cream
First Appearance 0.1.2
Fire Ant Soldier
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Fire Ant Soldier]]
Health Points 20 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Attack Strength Melee: 4 (FullHeartFullHeart) + Fire Damage

Ranged: 6 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)

Drops 0-1 Blaze Powder

0-1 Blaze Rod

Zombie Ant
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Zombie Ant]]
Health Points 32 (FullHeart x 16)
Attack Strength 1 (HalfHeart)
Drops 0-2 Zombie Ant Plate
Rare Drops 1 Terpsishroom

1 Ant Pheromones

Zombie Ant Soldier
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Zombie Ant Soldier]]
Health Points 51 (FullHeart x 25 + HalfHeart)
Attack Strength 2 (FullHeart)
Drops 0-2 Zombie Ant Plate
Rare Drops 1 Terpsishroom

1 Ant Pheromones

Description Edit

Ants of all varieties are found in the Erebus, from the humble Black and Honeypot Ants to the dangerous Fire and Zombie Ants. They typically have very low damage, but decent amounts of health.

Black Ants Edit

Black Ants are the variety of ants used for farming. They can be found in Fungal Forests, and can be tamed by right-clicking them with an Ant Medallion. They are not aggressive even when attacked.

Black Ant Usage Edit

Black Ants are helpful little bugs who will work with the Silo to complete various farming tasks that you assign to them. Create your Silo first (See the Silo page for crafting recipe and setup). and then use an Ant Medallion to direct them to the Silo. Right-click your Silo with the medallion, then right-click an ant-wild or tame-to assign it (this will tame wild Black Ants). Congratulations! You now have a pet Black Ant!

The Black Ants use the Silo as an inventory to plant and maintain crops like Wheat. To assign an ant a task, right-click on the ant with an empty hand. You will see a menu with three slots.

If you wish for the ant to till Grass/Dirt and plant Seeds of any variety, place any hoe in the left slot, and place the variety of Seeds in the centre slot. Do note that there will need to be a stockpile of the same kind of Seeds in the Silo for the ant to complete this task. This ant is known as a Planter.

If you wish for the ant to speed up growth, place a Bone in the ant's left slot, and Bone Meal in the centre slot. Ensure that there is sufficient Bone Meal in the ant's Silo and it will get to work. This ant is known-somewhat unimaginatively-as a Bone Mealer.

If you wish for an ant to harvest nearby crops that have fully grown, simply give it a set of Shears in the left slot. It will not need anything from the Silo, however you will need a Collector Ant (see below paragraph) to collect the dropped crops. This ant is known as a Harvester. (Note: There is an occasional bug-no pun intended-where Harvesters will stop harvesting readied crops. Remove the Shears from the ant and replace them in the left slot; this will fix the ant's AI.)

If you wish for an ant to collect dropped crops or Seeds, place a Bucket (Bambuckets will not work) in the left slot, and the variety of crop/Seeds you wish for the ant to retrieve in the centre slot. The ant will then collect any drops of the designated variety in range and place them into the Silo. This ant is known as a Collector.

Many have been curious as to the right slot's purpose; it is the Black Ant's personal inventory, capable of holding a single stack of materials. Do note that the presence of Black Ants is not a substitute for water; crops will still require a water supply.

Honeypot Ant Edit

These placid little cousins to the Black Ant can be used to farm Nectar at the cost of Sugar. They are not aggressive even when struck. Honeypot Ants are found in Elysian Fields.

In order to feed a Honeypot Ant, you must first tame it with an Ant Medallion by right-clicking on it. You may then feed the ant up to 8 Sugar, resulting in its abdomen growing progressively larger.

In order to collect the Nectar, use the aptly named Nectar Collector on the Honeypot Ant. It will provide one Nectar for each Sugar you have fed it.

Fire Ant Edit

Particularly nasty but very easy to spot, Fire Ants and their variant-Fire Ant Soldiers-spawn solely in Volcanic Deserts. The standard variety inflicts regular melee damage and can fire igniting Fireballs from a distance, inflicting 2.5 hearts of damage and lighting the player on fire.

Fire Ant Soldier Edit

Brutish in stature when compared to the meek Fire Ant, the Soldier variant has a rare chance to spawn instead of a standard Fire Ant. They inflict double the melee damage and ignite the player when they connect, but their Fireballs do not ignite the player (unless the player gets caught in a Firesource ignited by one!). Killing one results in Blaze Powder and Blaze Rods, rather than Magma Cream.

Zombie Ant Edit

Found alongside Black Ants in Fungal Forests, these poor victims of Cordycep fungi are enslaved by the parasitic mushrooms, and as such have grown far larger than their sibling Black Ants. They emit what could be called spore particles when moving. Encountering one usually entails being attacked by three more dropping down from surrounding giant mushrooms.

They drop Zombie Ant Plate, which can be crafted in a 2x2 square to create a piece of Rotten Flesh. This seems pitiful, but the Composter can use Rotten Flesh, as can Villager Priests.

Zombie Ant Soldier Edit

This variant is significantly larger than the standard Zombie Ant and inflicts double the damage (a whopping 1 heart per hit!). They possess somewhat close to double the health of a standard Zombie Ant, but are otherwise no more dangerous than the standard variant. Soldiers can rarely spawn in place of standard Zombie Ants.