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The Antlion Overlord Pyramid Underneath the Volcanic Desert.

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The Antlion Overlord Waiting for a challenger in the center of the Pyramid.

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The Four Special Capstones located at the top of the Antlion Overlord Pyramid.


The Antlion Overlord Pyramid is a large, partially underground (ignoring the fact that the entire Erebus is, technically, underground) structure in the middle of a fiery underground maze that is found rarely in Volcanic Deserts. Sometimes they are misleading; due to how they spawn, they may appear entirely in an adjacent biome, with part of the maze beneath in a Volcanic Desert.

The Antlion Overlord resides within the pyramid, however it prefers to mess with you-unlike the Tarantula Brood Mother, who can be found in straightforward Giant Baobab Trees.

Magma Crawlers and normal Antlions can be found within this dungeon, as many spawners are present for both.

Throughout the maze portion of the dungeon, there are many Chests and Blocks o' Bones left behind by long-dead adventurers. Search Chests and break Blocks o' Bones to collect the loot stashed in them.

Dungeon GuideEdit

The goal of this dungeon is to defeat the Overlord. Sounds simple, right? Well, the Antlion Overlord, as previously mentioned, likes to mess with players who enter its dungeon.

Upon entering the dungeon, climb to the top of the pyramid (which is made of unbreakable versions of Temple Brick) in the middle and you will see four special Pyramid Capstones.

They have four distinct types;

  • Mud
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Jade

These capstones will, once fitted with their respective Idol, unlock the pyramid and allow you to enter it. In order to find what opens these slots, seek out the four elemental Umbergolem Idol Guardian minibosses found in each corner of the maze surrounding the pyramid. They come in Mud, Iron, Gold, and Jade variants, and drop an Idol made of the same material. Note: The walls are made out of decorative versions of Gneiss that only spawn in Antlion Overlord Pyramids. However, it is still Gneiss, so mining through the maze is a very bad idea; see Gneiss for more details.

The Umbergolem Idol Guardians always spawn in a certain pattern;

  • Mud in the North-Western corner
  • Iron in the North-Eastern corner
  • Gold in the South-Eastern corner
  • Jade in the South-Western corner

In this sense, the Mud and Iron Capstones are on the corners of their respective Idol Guardians, whereas the Gold and Jade Capstones are on each other's respective Idol Guardian corners.

Once defeated, they will drop their Idol. Return to the pyramid and place each Idol in its respective capstone. When all four are in place, the capstones will disappear, dropping you into the top floor of the pyramid. Be sure to bring some blocks, as there is no way out without them.

If you lose a Guardian Idol, don't fret. You can spawn each of the Idol Guardians by crafting a "spawning tablet". These are crafted with a complete Umbergolem Statue in the center, followed by:

  • 8 Mud Bricks for a Mud Idol Guardian
  • 8 Iron Blocks for an Iron Idol Guardian
  • 8 Gold Blocks for a Gold Idol Guardian
  • 8 Jade Blocks for a Jade Idol Guardian

These tablets can be used anywhere, in any light level, in any dimension, as long as you are not in Peaceful mode.

The Interior of the top floor contains a chest with 8 pieces of Jade in it, and an inactive Teleport Pad surrounded by eight blocks topped with icons of what appears to be Jade. Insert each of the eight Jade pieces into those slots, and the Teleport Pad will open. Stepping onto it will take you to the floor below.

For the next area you will need:

Remember the Jade puzzle on the floor above? Do the same for each of the four pads here. The red Teleport Pads will take you back to the previous puzzle. You will notice Force Fields blocking the way between each puzzle. Once all four puzzles are complete, the Force Fields will drop and the Antlion Overlord will spawn, resulting in its health bar appearing at the top of the screen.

Step through the giant Teleport Pad in the centre and prepare to fight the Antlion Overlord.

The Overlord AwakensEdit

The Antlion Overlord now awaits you. Step through the giant Teleport Pad to enter its arena on the bottom floor of the pyramid. It will not be an easy fight; see Antlion Overlord for details and tips.

Upon defeat, the Antlion Overlord will sink into the sand and explode into a shower of experience, leaving behind an Antlion Egg, Quake Hammer, and Soul Crystal.

Another Teleport Pad will also appear upon the Overlord's defeat. Walk over it to be teleported back up to the top floor of the pyramid to exit the dungeon. Congratulations! You have now taken down the Antlion Overlord Pyramid!

Note: The name "Antlion Overlord Pyramid" is purely conjectural, as the dungeon does not have a specific name at this time.