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The following is written by the character known as Fredrick. Feel free to add to his story. Author's note: This story is not 100% accurate. I have made biomes much larger than in the mod.

An Overworlder's Guide to the Erebus Edit

Chapter 1: Erebus Preparation Edit

Firstly, you must understand: One does not simply walk into the Erebus. Please, know me as Fredrick, by the way. I should have probably introduced myself first, but oh well. Anyway, I should be telling you how I got to the Erebus. Now, I first heard of the Erebus from an old book found in a collection, dating to before the Collapse which brought about the end of widespread inter-dimensional travel, save Nether Portals. Funny how such an unpleasant dimension can be so widely visited. But I digress. This book told wonderful tales of this place; of humongous cities, and of wondrous light-providing, "redgems", and of humongous agricultural possibilities. I become less enthused when I discovered how to arrive at this dimension. I've never been one for mining, and this dimension needed quite a lot of it. My tally ended with the requirements of 4 diamonds (3 of which would go into making a pick), 3 Obsidian, 2 Gold, and 1 Emerald. Along with that, many vines, which are located far from where I make my home. Fortunately, I found a willing seller in my town... though I couldn't pay until after I'd mined him some Gold. Now, firstly, I created that which is known as an "offering altar". I mean, it seems to be to be some kind of spooky magic, but I'm not one to shy from such. So after tossing a diamond, an emerald, and a piece of obsidian onto that thing, they started swirling around, hitting each other, and then, with a cloud of green sparks, transformed into a Green Eye. The book called it the "Gaean Stone". Next it seemed that I was told to create a "Gaean Keystone". Quite an odd looking thing. Afterwards, I used the Gaean Stone to create an amazing staff. My final step of course, was to make the portal. I built a frame of stone blocks out in the woods, slammed down the keystone in front of it, and the placed the staff into the keystone. The portal sprang to life, with swirling, vibrant green where the leaves once where. I believed I was prepared for anything---I was wearing leather armor, carrying a couple of steaks, the diamond pickax, and a stone sword and axe. I figured the Erebus would be a walk in the park, nowhere near as troublesome as the Nether. If I had known how wrong I was, I think I would have brought friends.

Chapter 2: Erebus Arrival Edit

You must understand it can be quite a shock to enter anywhere expecting one thing and getting something totally different. I came in expecting a great city... but nope. Instead I burst in to a desolate wasteland. Sparse acacia trees dotted the landscape, over grass-covered hills. Another type of tree, which I now call "Asper" was present as well. Many rotting logs littered the ground. The worst shock was when I turned around. See, I knew people who built Nether Portals. They talked about being able to return whenever they wanted, but apparently, this was not the case with the Erebus. An empty keystone was directly in front of me. I turned around and saw a portal made of odd stone bricks. It was filled with leaves, but was inactive. "No...," said I. I yelled at the sky... which turned out to be the ceiling. I looked around more carefully. There were many crevasses in the ground---Immediately in front of me was a pit. Aside from the grass, there was a huge amount of brown stone, which composed the caves---I later discovered that this was what the ceiling and bricks were made of as well. In the near distance, there was a large tree, which I now call a baobab tree. I would later encounter a far larger Baobab tree, but that's a different story. Then I saw something big crawling towards me. I readied my sword. A large blue beetle crawled out of the grass. Surprisingly, it didn't attack me. However, I attacked it. 4 swings of the sword, and it died. I picked up two plates of armor after it died. I know now that they are harmless, but then it scared the heck out of me.

Chapter 3: An Erebusian Shelter Edit

Natural shelters in the Erebus are much easier to come across than they are in the overworld, as I soon discovered. This seems to be thanks to the what can only be called "porous" nature of the Erebusian ground. Caves riddle the dimension. The cave accessible by the pit directly in front of me was where I decided to make my home. I dropped down a couple meters to look in. It seemed well enough. I explored the cave farther. There was scattered ore veins along the walls, and it all seemed to be recognizable. One less material to worry about. I stuck a steak in my mouth, with the painful awareness that I only had five more. Either way, best to get to work on my shelter, I thought to myself. After crawling out of the pit which led to my home, I decided to take an axe to some of the trees in the area. I mean, you can't have an effective door to your cave without wood. I later discovered that this was not entirely true. I decided to start with the unfamiliar small trees, the aspers. The wood was very different from anything I could recall from the overworld. After tossing the blocks into my inventory for some planks, I made a crafting table, from which I created a door. I quickly walled off the entrance to my cave, save for my door. My basic shelter was complete. I made sure to replant any trees I cut down, before heading in. I picked up my crafting table and walked into my new home. Now the thing about a cave shelter is that it allows you opportunity to mine at the same time as you are setting up, so I started digging away at the iron, gold, and coal. It was then that I noticed a very odd-looking ore. It was, like the others, encased in the brown stone (which I now refer to as "Umberstone"), and it had a brown/maroon streak in the center of it. Now I'll have a whole chapter on Erebusian mining, don't you worry, but this was my first Erebusian vein. From what I can tell, what dropped out of the ore when I mined it was some kind of Petrified Wood. I have no clue how it formed in this dimension but not in the overworld, but whatever it was, it was an intriguing find. I discovered almost immediately I could create a Petrified Plank by tossing the shards in a 2X2 Formation in my inventory or on the crafting table. I decided I might as well use the plank as decoration to my new wall. Little did I know that that wood would come in handy for another reason sometime soon. I chomped down another piece of steak, and then began to think about another problem.

Chapter 4: Erebusian Food: The Basics Edit

Now, as I write this, I now know all the foods of the Erebus. When I performed the acts chronicled here, I knew none of the food of the Erebus, and so had to guess what was legitimate. The first things I noticed which could be considered food were Dark Fruits which hung down on vines from the distant ceiling above. Parts of the vines had seeds on them. Anyways, I grabbed a couple of these fruits off the vine, and had one. They didn't turn out to be all that filling, but they worked. The annoying thing about the seeds is that they seem to be incredibly sticky. That isn't such a bad thing when you think about it, though. I noticed an overhang and stuck a few seeds above my head. I hoped then that they would grow. I suddenly realized how full of grass the savanna was, and how many seeds could be found there. Not like I could grow much wheat. I didn't see any pools of water in my direct vicinity, but the hills obscured my view. Nearby I saw more movement, and an odd chirping noise. A huge amount of green bugs, which I now call Grasshoppers were hopping around, eating the grass. Their red eyes were kind of creepy to me, yet I moved towards them anyways. I finished of the last Dark Fruit I had at that time. I then walked towards the grasshoppers. They didn't seem to care. I laid into one with my sword. After about five slashes, it dropped dead. I was able to retrieve two legs from them. I figured they would be edible, and taste better cooked. I then set about slaughtering the poor nuisances. My legs stacked up, to the point where I had twelve. During that interval, I ate another steak. Then something scared the Nether out of me. A large grasshopper, yet with redder eyes and wings began leaping out of the grass towards me. It was big enough I just turned and ran. The Locust gained on me swiftly. I leaped into the hole where my house was, opened the door, then slammed it shut. The creature's beady red eyes looked through at me. I backed up and went farther down my cave. I did, by the way, end up cooking the Grasshopper Legs, in a normal furnace made from the brown stone, which I now call Umberstone. Now to be clear, these legs were no where near as fulfilling as steak, but were definitely better than nothing, and wasting steak. I realized after chowing down on a cooked leg or two that the leather armor and stone sword were not going to be a big help in a nasty neighborhood like this. I had to get some better materials.

Chapter 5: Erebusian Mining Edit

What you can do with what you mine in the Erebus is far more interesting than how you mine it. However, it needs to be explained, and so I shall explain it. Mining in the Erebus is nothing like mining in the Overworld. Mining is more like simply adventuring around until you find some ore embedded in some umberstone. In fact, whilst speaking of Umberstone, that's essentially all the Erebus is. Dig down a single block anywhere in the dimension, and chances are that you'll find umberstone directly beneath. I didn't know this at first. Also, ore clusters seem not to form very often anywhere other than the outcroppings, ravines and caves. What I'm trying to say is that tunnel mining in the Erebus is horribly inefficient in comparison to exploring. There are several ores which I have only found in the Erebus, but I will talk about them later. Well, this was short.

Chapter 6: Battling in the Subterranean Savannah Edit

By the time I write this, I have named all the biomes I have found. The one in which my portal appeared I call the Subterranean Savannah. The Savannah is a nasty biome filled with all kinds of unpleasant bugs. Without a doubt, there are more deadly biomes, but that doesn't stop the Savannah from being a place of death to plenty of newcomers. Now during the previous chapter, I neglected to mention that I had gathered twenty six iron from my exploration of the caves. I was fortunate in that, due to the spelunking nature of my expedition, I did not run into any hostile bugs. I had a couple of grasshopper legs during my exploration of the area. After smelting the iron, I crafted myself some armor and a sword. I walked outside, and looked around. The Savannah was quiet... until I heard a familiar sound... that of a spider. I turned to my left and saw two spiders, larger and more terrifying than any the Overworld could produce. I call them Scytodes now, and they seem to live everywhere. Now up to this point, the only places I had seen with webs had been in abandoned mineshafts, where I had only gone after someone else dealt with the monsters. One of the scariest things that happened to me in the Erebus was discovering these things could shoot webbing. Fortunately for me, they were horribly inaccurate. One of them even got itself stuck in the webbing. Nevertheless, I scrambled backwards. The one not yet stuck leapt at me. I hit it with my iron sword a couple times, but not before it kicked me with one of its many legs. I killed it, picked up a piece of string and an eye, then went after the other spider, which was then out of the web. That one was easier to kill, and gave 2 string and an eye. I sliced up the webs tossed at me, and gathered up two more pieces of string. In case you wonder why I am so precise about these things, it is because, in the Erebus, every little piece of material counts, no matter how tedious it is to describe. It has taken me this long to get through the Scytodes part of this section, and there are many more beasties, so prepare for a very long chapter. After recovering from the Scytode attack, I made myself a bow, though I had no arrows to use with it at the time. I went outside once again, looking to explore the biome. I didn't get too far before discovering two bioluminescent critters, Glow Worms. Just like so many things in this dimension, I had to kill one---I had a habit of doing that---and it dropped some Bioluminescent Stuff. I packed it away. I let the other one live, as I had no idea what to use the stuff for. I was thinking about heading back, when I heard a buzzing... a very loud buzzing. Back then I had a bad habit of not looking around. When I turned to see what the buzzing was, I was knocked to the ground by an enormous Wasp. It got a couple of stings in before I killed it in five blows. Without my armor, I would have likely died. As it was, I managed to collect the stinger and hobble home; the poison from the sting taking its toll. To this day the only method I have found to keep myself from getting poisoned is to not get hit, which is regrettable. As much as I wish I could say this was the end of the nasty critters living in my biome, it was not. Scytodes and Wasps were merely the most common around my house. After recovering, I hiked back outside. I dealt with a couple Scytodes before my next challenge came up. Off in the distance I noticed a pair of very large black spiders, one with orange bands, another with blue---I call them Tarantulas. I guess I got it into my head that they would be just like Scytodes, and decided to deal with them. I hiked over to where they were, until the orange one noticed me. The first indication that these were going to hit hard should've come from the fact that they were not relying on webs. I hit the first one with my sword, but it shook it off and hit me anyways. I stumbled backwards, swinging my sword primarily at the orange one. Eventually, the orange one died, but not before beating me badly. The blue tarantula grabbed me. I hit it with my sword a couple times, finishing it with a blow to the face. These tarantulas were some real hard-hitters, and I decided to try to avoid messing with them... I would have to deal with a very big one much later. I got some, for lack of a better word, paws from the Tarantulas, which looked cookable. I took them home, and did cook them. By this time, my Dark Fruit had grown meager vines, and I was nearly out of Grasshopper legs. I went outside and, behind me, I heard a new noise. I looked, and saw a beast with pincers and a stinger tail rushing towards me---I now call it a Scorpion. It grabbed me, up, and started stinging me. I slammed down my sword on the beast repeatedly, and it died. I was able to recover some Toxic Glands and, fortunately, I got an undamaged pincer. This has been an account of the beasts that live in the Savannah... there's also an annoying type of fly, but I'll talk about that later.

Chapter 7: Fungal ForestEdit

Soon, I wanted to see more of the Erebus and all of its dangers. Traveling back to my shelter, I grabbed almost all of my possessions and headed west of the Subterranean Savannah. After 2 days of trekking through the Subterranean Savannah, fighting Scytodes, Scorpions, Locusts, and other deadly bugs, I was rewarded for my efforts. Before my eyes was an impossible sight. And yet, all the biomes in the Erebus that I had found had surprised me, though this was the most surprising of them all. This soon become one of my favorite parts of the Erebus that I had explored. In front of my eyes was some kind of forest, but with giant mushrooms similar the ones I had seen in the Overworld. I called this place the Fungal Forest. As I traveled inside this colorful biome, I noticed little humanoid creatures running past me. They almost resembled the mushrooms in this forest. They appeared to have caps on their heads resembling mushroom caps. They were no taller than a single block. Whether they are related to these giant mushrooms, I do not know yet. I now have decided to know the species as Crushling. I also saw the now-familiar Beetle Larvae. Suddenly, a spider jumped from behind a tree! Quickly drawing my sword, I hit the bug and slayed it after after a few hits, but not without a hefty amount of damage. It hadn't looked native to the biome; yet there it was. I called it a Jumping Spider. I then hastily munched on some food so I would be healthy enough to heal. Then, I saw it. Before I tell you what I actually saw and what transpired, let me recap on all the things I had done in the Erebus by that point. I had traveled there, made a shelter, collected food, mined, and explored many different biomes. Through all my travels, never had I seen such a huge monster before in this dimension! Now, if you have actually been paying attention to what I have to say and aren't forgetting everything the minute you read it (which it is very likely you aren't), you will remember the Crushlings. Picture a little Crushling, but 10 times bigger. That is what I saw. This huge abomination, which I soon knew as a Crushroom, was using its huge fists to crush everything around it. Knowing that I could not battle it yet, I ran to the North in hopes of not attracting the monster's attention. Once I had more powerful weapons and armor, I would come back and (hopefully) slay it.

Chapter 8: Submerged Swamp Edit

After about another 2-3 days, I came upon a waterlogged, muddy biome, which I called the Submerged Swamp. Although it was similar to the swamps I had known from the Overworld, it was also quite different. The ground had plenty of mud, which after a few minutes I started trying to avoid as it slowed me down quite a bit. There were large cliffs, dropping straight into water, so I tried to avoid those too as it would have been quite a challenge to get up again, and there were some bugs in the water that looked dangerous and were able to stand on the water themselves, which was something I had never seen before. Suddenly, the ground beneath erupted into a pillar of flame, which ignited me. I probably wouldn't have survived if it weren't for a small pond of water nearby. After walking back to the ground that erupted out, I noticed bubbles coming out of the ground there, so I knew to avoid these swamp vents, which are actually hard to spot. Then, in the distance, I saw a large lily pad in a large lake of water near me, with bugs around it. I began to walk around the lake, being careful not to fall, until out of the corner of my eye I noticed several more of the bugs appear, which alerted me to it being a spawner. I thought that I might be able to get some loot from it, so I jumped into the water, with my sword ready, and began swimming towards the lilypad. Suddenly, some of the bugs, which I now call Dragonflies, came towards me, so I started using my sword to kill them, but one managed to lift me up, which was quite painful, before it dropped me. Luckily, I was dropped back into the water, so it wasn't too bad. I picked it off with my sword, and then tried to kill the other one coming towards me, which picked me up and dropped me back into the water. I recognized this as a normal behavior of attack, so I started killing more coming towards me, and then I arrived at the lily pad. I took out my pickaxe and managed to mine the first spawner before I was picked up yet again by another dragonfly, but I was dropped onto the lily pad this time and took notable fall damage. I started picking more of them off and then broke the second spawner. I saw a chest, and quickly took the loot and jumped back into the water, killing the rest of the dragonflies. I managed to find a vine growing down the cliff, so I went up it, and back onto the ground before going further north.